Shimpling Park Farm

(ETA Hack 50kW Woodchip Boiler – District Heating Scheme)

photo of one of our nexus energy biomass boiler in shimpling

Project History

The Owner was interested in installing a wood chip boiler in order to lower fuel costs and utilise a greener option for a heating solution in line with their organic farming practices.  Nexus Energy were tasked with specifying, designing and installing the right application to meet the clients requirements and the feedback says it all.


Nexus Energy Ltd designed and specified the wood fuelled heating system using an ETA HACK 50kW Woodchip boiler and fuel transfer system, a fully modulating and completely automated biomass solution.  The district heating scheme was specified to take heat from the most convenient boiler/hopper location to the cottages to provide all space heating and domestic hot water requirements.

 The boiler is expected to use c. 29 tonnes of G30/50 W30 woodchip per annum.  The farm harvests it own timber on a sustainable basis and hires in a wood chipper once per annum to chip the annual fuel requirement for this boiler and another it had installed on another part of the farm five years ago.  The woodchip is then stored in a barn before being distributed to the hopper adjacent to the boiler using a telescopic handler.

Nexus Energy–Custom designed and constructed hydraulic lid fuel store

Nexus Energy–Custom designed and constructed hydraulic lid fuel store.

Client Feedback

“Nexus Energy provided an excellent service and guided us through the whole process”