Nexus Energy Kent

Since its inception in 2007, Nexus Energy has gone from strength to strength as a renewable heating specialist for the South and East of England, operating in areas such as Sussex, Essex and Kent.

As one of the only two ‘key partners’ for nationwide energy providers British Gas, Nexus Energy are leading in the industry for their array of turnkey solutions through planning, consultations, installation and maintenance.

What makes Nexus Energy the specialists for Kent?

Services all corners of the Kent area, Nexus Energy are here to provide the best quality products at the fairest prices, with unbeatable warranty periods. Our team of handpicked experts – including designers, service and maintenance engineers and customer support staff – work together to ensure the smoothest process with the installation of renewable heating appliances.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation and allow Nexus Energy to provide you with the perfect solution to your renewable heating needs.