Large Norfolk Residence

(400kW Heizomat Biomas Boiler – District Heating Scheme)

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Project History

The owner was interested in installing a wood chip boiler in order to lower extortionate fuel costs, utilise their woodland resource more effectively and generate an income from the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).  The requirement was to provide space heating and DHW to the main hall, a number of cottages and swimming pool.


Nexus Energy Ltd designed and specified the woodchip heating system using a Heizomat RHK-AK 400kW biomass boiler and fuel feed system.   A district heating scheme was sized and designed to take heat from the boiler to the terminations.

The RHK-AK biomass boiler was deemed particularly appropriate for the Estate due to its ability to utilise a wide variety of onsite biomass material such as thinnings and brush wood which in many other boilers would cause issues due to their higher bark:wood ratio, thus resultant silica/clinker issues.

The boiler is expected to use c. 240 tonnes of seasoned wood chip per year.  The fuel store is deigned to store an annual and immediate fuel supply within one building ensuring an efficient movement and handling of the fuel.

woodfuel storage for Biomass woodchip

Client Feedback

Our home is now lovely and warm