The Froling Lambdamat Biomass Boiler System

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The Froling Lambdamat

Available in both 750kW and 999kW

The Froling Lambdamat is capable of burning wood chip up to G100 and with a maximum moisture content of 50%. The Lambdamat can be cascaded up to 4 boilers providing 4MW of power for a range of heating options including district and process heating.

With the 999kW boiler weighing in at 13.9 tonnes they are built to stand the test of time.

The Froling Lambdamat is a proven boiler produced from Froling’s extensive experience in industrial boiler manufacturing.

Nexus Energy has vast experience in commercial biomass and can offer design, installation, commissioning and servicing support to make your project a success.

Fuel feed for the Lambdamat boiler can be either screw feed if burning pellets or sliding floor arrangement with wood chip.  The sliding floor is available in a variety of lengths and widths to meet individual project requirements.

Illustration explaining the features found on the Froling Lambdamat biomass boiler

  1. Multifunctional heat exchanger, which features large heat exchanger surfaces. Convenient maintenance is ensured by large and easy to reach cleaning and maintenance openings.
  2. Multi-layer high temperature combustion chamber for high efficiency and clean combustion.
  3. Hydraulically operated conveyor grate with primary air intake system keeps the fuel moving continuously and ensures complete burn-out (even with heavy fuels).
  4. Fully automatic ash removal.
  5. The secondary air openings ensure optimum combustion and a complete burn-out.
  6. Tertiary air vents for increased efficiency during combustion. The fully controlled flue gas recirculation AGR (optional) optimises burning (output, emissions etc.) with particularly demanding fuels.

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