Cockley Cley Hall

(150kW ETA HACK Woodchip Boiler – District Heating Scheme)

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Project History

The Owners were interested in installing a wood chip boiler and updating the heating system within their property in Norfolk.  The aim was to reduce heating bills, bring some much needed warmth in to the Hall and to become self sufficient through utilising the Estates undermanaged woodlands.


Nexus Energy Ltd designed and specified the wood fuelled heating system and the internal space heating and DHW system within the Hall. An old one pipe system was updated, new heating zones added and 10 hot water cylinders replaced all in-house to allow the Hall to enjoy the benefits of the woodchip heating system. An ETA Hack 130kW boiler system and 2,200 litre buffer tank was utilised to provide the space heating and DHW requirements. Calpex district mains pipe was specified to take heat from the biomass plant to the Hall, a Bungalow and an outdoor swimming pool.

cockley clay hall norfolk biomass boiler installation

A large agricultural barn which is being used as the fuel store


ETA HACK 150 Woodchip Boiler

The Boiler is expected to use c. 78 tonnes of seasoned wood chip per year.  The immediate fuel store is integrated in to the annual fuel store, reducing handling requirements to a minimum.

Client Feedback

“A huge plus side was the help and support unstintingly given by the Nexus team.  We are now thoroughly enjoying the benefits”.