Biomass Suppliers List (Sustainability Criteria and Self-Supply)

Photo demonstrating sustainability of recycling wood

As the renewable heat market grows, the government needs to make sure support for biomass is sustainable. To facilitate this the government plans to introduce new sustainability criteria for installations using biomass fuels under the Domestic and Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive. From autumn 2015, participants of the scheme must use fuels that meet the sustainability criteria to continue receiving their RHI payments (This applies to all existing and new participants of the scheme).

Meeting the criteria is not a complicated process and the simplest way of meeting the criteria is to purchase your fuel from suppliers registered on the governments “Biomass Suppliers List” (BSL).  This list indicates approved suppliers that meet the RHI sustainability criteria and you can easily find your local suppliers by searching using your postcode.

Participants will also have to provide Ofgem with a quarterly declaration that the biomass fuel they used was registered on the BSL and marked as sustainable.

If your current supplier is not already on the list you should encourage them to register so you can continue to use them after the new rules are introduced. The application process is straightforward and is operated by Gemserv, on behalf of the government.

Self Supply?

Some participants of the RHI scheme may wish to self-supply utilising their own woodfuel – In this instance they will have to register on the Biomass Suppliers List as a ‘self-supplier’.

Participants can be defined as a self-supplier if their installation is less than 1MW capacity and if they source fuel (which they have the legal right to source, through ownership, rental or other relevant arrangement) from the same Estate as the boiler.

Self-suppliers do not need to show that they comply with the sustainability criteria but will need to demonstrate their ability to self-supply, by providing evidence such as a Forest Management Plan or Felling Licences. They will also have to make a declaration to Ofgem that they are registered as a self-supplier as per the BSL compliance method outlined above.

Please see DECC’s website for full information on the sustainability criteria.

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